Nepal, the beautiful and mystical Himalayan country is the ultimate destination for Yoga. Nepal is the origin place of The Vedic Sanatan Dharma, Tantra, Yoga, Ayurveda, and Vastu-Shastra. The belief is that Yoga was in practice 28,000 years ago in Nepal. This makes Nepal a perfect place to learn and practice yoga. Taking Yoga Teacher Training course in Nepal gives you a wonderful experience of learning the ancient art of yoga in the lap of lush hills and majestic mountains with peaceful environment.

Nepal Yoga Institute and Retreat

Nepal Yoga Institute and Retreat is a Yoga Alliance USA accredited school for yoga teacher training in Nepal. We offer yoga classes and yoga teacher training course in the serene location surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Located 22 Km from Tribhuwan International Airport and 24 km from tourist hub Thamel, we provide you a divine experience of practicing and learning yoga. We have highly-qualified and professional Yoga personalities working with us. We follow the classical yoga and retreat method. Nepal Yoga Institute and Retreat facilitates different yoga programs such as Yoga Teacher Training course, Retreat program, and Stress Management Program. We practice the traditional system and methodical study.




Yoga Teacher Training Course equips trainees with ideal understanding and self-assurance of various aspects of yoga along with the yoga teacher certification qualifying them as a Yoga teacher. We offer different YTT packages.


The sole purpose of the Yoga retreat program is to offer you physical, mental, and spiritual healing. You can retreat your mind and body from hectic work life and reset your overall wellbeing.


A yoga trek is a special kind of adventure where you practice yoga and go on treks through breathtaking natural settings. Hikers follow scenic paths, frequently through the Himalayas or other far-off areas, and pause at prearranged locations to participate in yoga classes taught by qualified teachers.


The practice of yoga has psychological benefits just as physical. It gives a sense of wellbeing of your mind and body and helps in stress reduction. There are several aspects of yoga that can minimize your stress levels.


Counseling psychology is a field that aims to help individuals, at any stage in life, overcome mental health challenges in order to improve the quality of living. This field focuses on how humans function in their professional and personal lives.


Stress management program boosts well-being and develops coping skills that improve posture, reduce stress, release tension, condition muscles, prevent injury, enhance confidence.


One of the four primary Hindu philosophical paths to spiritual realization is Karma Yoga which emphasizes selfless action and service as a means of achieving spiritual development and liberation. Karma Yoga is the path of selfless, intentional action. The word "karma" means action.




Are you looking for Yoga Teachers Training course in land of Himalayan?If so, Nepal yoga institute is the ideal destination which introducesyou with the definite physical, mental and sacred peace and affluence.
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We offer both short term and long-term yoga retreats for those who are looking to unwind and rejuvenate. The program offers you physical, mental, and spiritual healing. Your mind and body will relax and refresh.
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This program is designed for people with a busy schedule. You will learn about yoga, meditation, and natural health while learning and practicing yoga to enhance physical wellbeing and peace of the mind.
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This stress management program is devised for individuals in the corporate sector. Yoga is a healthier and happier approach to stress reduction. You will learn various stress-relief techniques of yoga.
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We are here to help you with stress reduction through our short and long term stress management programs. Along with physical wellness, yoga helps in stress relief by enhancing good mood and positivity.
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Nepal can be considered as the birthplace of Vedic Hinduism, Spell, Yoga, Ayurveda and Architectural knowledge. Yoga has been practised in Nepal since 28 thousand years ago. Therefore, Nepal can be seen as a suitable place to learn and practice Yoga. To promote yoga teacher training in Nepal, Nepal Yoga Institute and Retreat provides study, research and training in the field of yoga. It has been working with 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training program in Nepal as the main priority and become the best yoga training centre.

This yoga school is providing Yoga Teacher Training to those who come to learn Yoga from within the country and from different countries after getting affiliation with Yoga Alliance USA. It has become the top rated yoga teacher training in Nepal.
J. P. Foundation (Maithri Sewa Ashram) is a social organization that has been working for a long time by engaging in social activities such as education, health, senior citizen, organic farming, cow husbandry etc. The Ashram provides free accommodation, food and health services to economically disadvantaged senior citizens and disabled and helpless senior citizens who have contributed immeasurably to society and the nation.
Nepal Yoga Institute and Retreat and J. P. Foundation have been collaborating to achieve their common goals. At the same time, these two organizations have been cooperating by adopting the principle of world brotherhood and sisterhood, believing that Yoga is more effective if it is combined with social service.
Short and long trainings conducted by Nepal Yoga Institute and Retreat and especially residential training of Yoga Teacher Training are being conducted at Maitrisewa Ashram. It has been providing Hatha and Astang Yoga in Nepal. There are two reasons for doing programs or cooperation in Maitrisewa Ashram, which is active as a social organization. The first reason is that the institution is full of service and this place in the country is full of natural resources. It is only 20 km from the main city. This ashram is located away from the city in a quiet, picturesque, pure air, close to nature and the landscape is also very attractive.

It has been practicing yoga, pranayama, and meditation in Nepal and these practices are most effective if done in a quiet, natural, pure air and scenic location. The experience of those who come here and do these propitiations is also found to be good and effective. The location of the ashram is full of religious, cultural, historical, touristic and spiritual awakening. The ashram is located below the Shivpuri National Park and Conservation Area. It is situated at the foothills of the spiritually significant Manichud Hills. It is also very important from the tourist point of view. Through the Shivpuri conservation area, tourists go for short hiking and trekking from here to the nearby Chisapani.Lord Shiva is considered to be the originator of Yoga. It is found in ancient scriptures that Shivaji imparted the knowledge of yoga to Mother Parvati as his first disciple. Parvati then imparted this knowledge to other sages. Gradually, the knowledge of this Yoga has been passed down from the Guru Shishya tradition for thousands of years. The credit goes to Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati for bringing this knowledge here.
The ashram is located in the upper part of Shalinadi which is considered as the holy river. The sacred Shalinadi flows from near the ashram down through a place called Sakhu, which is considered very important from the point of view of art, culture, religion and spirituality.
According to the ancient scriptures, Mother Parvati once came to the banks of the Shali river located in this important Sankhu and did yoga, meditation and penance. This place where Mother Parvati practised yoga, taught others and spent a long time doing penance is considered a very holy place. At this important place Sankhu, a big religious ritual is held every year of Magh Shukla Purnima on the banks of the river Shali. Devoted to Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati, the originator of yoga, devotees celebrate this holy land for a month every year by doing yoga, meditation, fasting, worship, donating etc. Worship and penance are always done at this important place, this place is at a short distance from the ashram.
The three cities of Kathmandu Valley, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur are visible from the place where the ashram is located which is also important from the tourist, religious, cultural, historical and spiritual points of view, full of beautiful natural scenery. All the seekers who come for teacher training here experience a very good spiritual awakening. In no time, the mind is calm, focused and happy from within.
The arrangements in the ashram are as follows, in which one can participate voluntarily. It is not mandatory to serve.

1. Senior Citizen housing:

Joint family is a practice in Nepal. Due to various reasons, the senior citizens are forced to leave their home and family and go to the ashram. One of the reasons for this is the weak economic situation. The ashram provides free food and accommodation for those who have no good financial condition. In addition, old people come to the ashram because they are infirm and destitute, sometimes they prefer to come and stay in the ashram for meeting people of the same age group, exchanging ideas, and for the healthy green environment, organic food, and health care.
This ashram provides housing, food, health care, yoga, meditation, and a spiritual environment to those who have reached the status of senior citizens. Senior citizens who have been involved in various professions and businesses such as professors, doctors, engineers, lawyers, former administrators, civil service, police, Nepal Army and other retired people are taking service here. Along with the practice of yoga, services can be provided to the senior citizens who are there. Ashram will provide equal treatment and service to all types of citizens without discrimination. One can listen to their experience and gain merit from it and gain more happiness.

2. Organic Farming:

Farmers use modern chemical fertilizers and pesticides in crops to increase productivity. The grains produced by this method are harmful and cause complex and long-lasting diseases. Organic farming is a reliable way for a healthy life. Organic products are beneficial for health. It does not harm health. Organic food is like nectar for those who practice yoga.
Maitrisewa Ashram is farming using organic technology. It means they don’t use synthetic substances such as pesticides, fertilizer and insecticide. Food, vegetables and fruits are produced from there and the organic products are first fed to the people in the ashram and only the surplus is sold elsewhere. Arrangements have been made for those who want to engage in service work along with the training of Yoga. Physical and mental health can be achieved through this.

3. Cow Rearing:

Eastern art, literature and health sciences have given great importance to the cow. Cow’s milk is nutritious for children, young and old. Not only cow’s milk, but also cow dung and cow’s urine are beneficial. Because of all these qualities, cows are worshiped as mothers. Since there are many benefits from cow’s milk, the number of people consuming cow’s milk has increased these days. Pure cow’s milk and variety made from it are also important in terms of health and spirituality for those who practice yoga.
About 20-25 cows are reared in the ashram. Cows are fed pure organic grass and grazed in the nearby forest and reared with various natural grasses, herbs. Cows reared in this way produce milk rich in medicinal properties. The milk produced in this way is used in the Ashram as curd, ghee, honey, cheese etc. There is no need to buy dairy products from outside as there is plenty of milk produced in the ashram, in some cases the excess product is given to the villagers.
The cow has religious and cultural significance. Serving a cow is considered a very auspicious act. Eastern Science has discussed a lot about its importance. Here, those who wish directly can do the service in various ways. So, it has been practicing of Karma Yoga in Nepal.
You can participate in all these activities while taking teacher training. Purely organic food gives more enthusiasm, wakefulness, and motivation to take teacher training while getting up with senior citizens awakens a sense of belonging and a sense of service. Similarly, those who wish can do cow service and agricultural work under Karma Yoga. Every day in the morning and the evening, you can enjoy the natural environment while hiking, and you can see all three cities of Kathmandu and the valley. One can experience the pleasure of being different as one can see the villagers and their lifestyle up close.



200 hour

Yoga Teacher Training

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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

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Natural Beautiful Surrounding

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Qualified Guru (Teacher)

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manohar khanal
manohar khanal
“We had a wonderful time - thank’s so much. You were very generous with the hours of yoga taught per day, you know I think you are a fabulous teacher & it was the perfect setting! Will definitely look at joining another retreat in the future & will recommend it to anyone who might listen to my recommendations!” Once thank you Balkrishna sir and Nepal yoga institute…
Heal With JOY
Heal With JOY
Nepal Yoga Institute is very good place to learn about body mind and spirit. Dr Bal Krishna sir do not only provide yoga teachers training but also give guidance to the our confusion related to anything , that can be about life , careers, yoga etc . We can feel very homely environment in this place . If you are searching for YTT course , this can be best place . Thank you ????
dinesh pokharel
dinesh pokharel
I recently did yoga teacher training program and very happy and 100% satisfying I found the Best Guru as I was expecting I strongly suggest and recommended for any yoga classes for all peoples around the globe Thanks
Rishi Kesh Acharya
Rishi Kesh Acharya
I have learnt 300 hrs yoga course. Worked well for me and my family.
Krishna Rimal
Krishna Rimal
I was quite satisfied by yoga teacher traning program offered my Nepal Yoga Institute. The training not only focuses on flexibility development but also on mental well being and spiritual connections unlike other yoga Institute which focuses more on flexing flexibility. If you are looking for spiritual journey starting with yoga then this is the place.
shradha k
shradha k
I highly recommend Nepal Yoga Institution which provides you with a great consultation and service. Dr. Bal Krishna Guruji is such an amazing teacher, he will try to help you in the best possible way. If you are thinking of Yoga retreat or teacher training you have come to the right place.