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What is Mindfulness?

Exaggeration of the certain panic and anxious situations by overthinking is common in normal human’s life. We make false assumptions on the situation to make it even worse which is a response to the threat or danger we face. That’s how one’s mind functions if mindfulness is not acheived. Anyone can say that the effect of assuming the worse scenario to be true at those threat level moments are breathtaking. Therefore comes a yoga practice call mindfulness to let know mind what’s really happening.It is knowing what you are experiencing while you are experiencing it. It is moment-to-moment awareness, has the quality of being in the now, a sense of freedom, of perspective, of being connected, not judging. It is somehow a method of getting control over your thoughts.

Benifits of Mindfulness

Reduced Thoughtfulness

Dwelling in a particular point for longer period of time impacts human’s mind. If the people is absorbed on thoughts then it creates unenecessary assumptions in one’s life. It is a doorway to flood the problems that doesn’t even exists. Depression and anxiety are the results of rumination.Hence it is necessary to have a stable thought and and the mind that has awareness of the situation.

Stress,Depression and Anxiety Reduction

Studies have shown that mindfulness reduces stress very effectively. Mindfulness meditation increases positive affect and decreases anxiety and negative affect. The stressful situation we face in real life are tedious if not handled properly. Those stress can be coped preety well if people have control over their thoughts. Stress are the situations we face and tend to take it in negative way and worsen our situation. It develops from within not from outer surrounding. So mindfulness is necessary to get control over those situations and our thoughts.

Increases working memory

Mindfulness even increase one’s working memory capacity and  a prolonged remembering of information. It enhances or upgrades our mind than the normal human without mindfulness. Research has suggested that practicing mindfulness may be associated with enhanced attentional control and working memory, and may improve cognitive performance, such as problem solving and decision making.

Boosts attention span and focus

Mindfulness has been shown to boost people’s attention span by liberating the mind from distraction.There comes  Zen-meditation training where a person stays alert and aware of their posture and breathing, while dismissing wondering thoughts revealed different activities in parts of the brain linked with spontaneous burst of thoughts and wondering minds.People’s ability to focus and hold attention even on boring stimulus improves significantly with mindfulness.

MIndfulness is linked with the overall control over your thoughts and a power to observe a situation in a more positive and exquisite way while we experience. As Creswell reminds us, “It’s important to train your mind like you train your biceps in the gym.” . It contributes moreover to the physical, emotional and psychological aspect of a human being in a positive way. Other potential benefits of mindfulness include increased patience, intentionality, gratitude and body awareness. Learn more about mindfulness in Nepal Yoga Institute and Retreat Center.