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Planning a vacation in the coming year 2020? Nepal is the place to be especially if you are a yoga enthusiast. The nation organizes and hosts many yoga events and functions year-round. This coming year 2020 is definitely not an exception to this universal rule.

By choosing to come here, you will enjoy some insights you would only dream of by getting elsewhere. The place indeed brings about a multitude of possibilities for you to get to learn new things and ideas. You will also connect with nature and awaken your spiritual life.

Each year, numerous yoga and allied activities are held in Nepal and at various places. 2020 is special for being the tourism year and various yoga retreat program will also be held. These activities give a would-be visitor a chance to up the games in the field of yoga and to also enjoy the best that the nation has to offer. Though the exact packaging may vary, they all bear certain similarities. Below are the key designations of these activities:

Meditation Retreats

These are occasions where the yoga participants detach and retreat to remote locations. While in those remote locations, they engage in meditation practices. Quite a number of these retreats are lined up for the following year. Most of them are concentrated in the capital, Kathmandu.

Other than getting you into the finer details of the sport of yoga, this retreat also gives you an opportunity to mingle and exchange ideas with other yoga enthusiasts. That is because such retreats are held in groups or associations. Since they are conducted in the countryside, they give you a chance to unwind too!

Yoga Retreats

As the name implies, this is a retreat specifically for yoga. Here, the participants withdraw from the mainstream and get to the secluded parks and countryside. While at these places, the participants will engage the sport of yoga by learning all that pertains to it entirely.

These activities are similarly organized and provided by many organizations and yoga teacher training facilities throughout Nepal. They also give you a chance to detach yourself from the congested urban lifestyles and get to the rural areas to enjoy your yoga. You will find it a good activity if you do happen to be a beginner.

Yoga Trekking Tours

Love trekking or long-distance walks? The yoga trekking tour is a good one to enroll in. It is basically a combination of treks and yoga. To put it differently, this activity entails trekking for some time throughout the lush green countryside while at the same time practicing yoga. It hence gives you a chance to relax and cool off remotely.

It is packaged and provided for by many firms and teacher training colleges around Nepal. All you have to do is to find the institution that provides it and enroll in advance. Owing to its long and tedious nature, this is an activity that is likely to cost you a lot of money. Be prepared adequately to foot the bills.

Ayurveda Balance and Yoga Retreat

While in your stay in Nepal, consider also taking advantage of the Ayurveda system of medicine. This one makes use of diet, herbal treatments and yogic breathing to tackle a number of health issues. When combined with yoga, it gives rise to complete body, soul, and spirit healing.

This package is provided for by many kinds of organizations within the wider Nepal region. It is up to you yet again to scour the many tours and travel organizations to find out the specific one, which is more likely to facilitate your enjoyment of the same. Be sure to select the most affordable package also.

Reiki Initiation Certification

Reiki is a form of alternative medicine. It makes use of the energy to heal a number of complications in the body. Each year, an initiation ceremony is held in Nepal for those who would like to qualify to use this healing method to tackle a number of medical issues.

Do take advantage of it if interested. Yet again, the onus is on you to find the firm, which engages in it. Thereafter, make appropriate arrangements to enroll in the same principally by scheduling your time appropriately. It is noteworthy that the exercise is truly rigorous and highly likely to take much of your time.

Ayurveda Detox and Yoga Retreat

Other than treating quite a number of medical conditions, Ayurveda can also be used to detoxify the body. With regard to this, it may be used to mitigate a number of kidney and digestive issues. That is because the methodology does get to the body and wash away all impurities from the digestive tract.

When combined yet again with the yoga, the end result is some smooth and wholesome healing to the body, soul, and spirit. These two events are packaged and sold by many yoga teacher-training facilities throughout Nepal. It is yet again in your best interest to find the one that suits your budget and schedules.


Kindly note that the activities we have listed and explained above are not all that the wonderful nation of Nepal has in store for a visitor in 2020. There indeed exist numerous activities, which we had to leave out owing to the limitations of time. You have no excuse really not to pay a visit to this nation next year.

This is the time to start preparing for the same. Now is the time to scour through the numerous tours and travel firms, teacher training institutes and the hotels that adorn the nation for the best offers. In case you encounter an issue in the process, we ask that you seek more information and support from us. We shall gladly give it.