Though the sport of yoga may be practiced and taught just about anywhere, three countries stand out. These are India, Thailand, Indonesia, and Nepal. They have the trappings necessary to make a good teaching experience on the whole. Moreover, their settings and historical connections also set them apart from others.

Of these four countries, Nepal stands out as the premier teaching destination. But why is this the case? What is it that only Nepal offers which the other destinations do not? It is important to know about this so that you can adjust your expectations appropriately.

Listed and explained here under are some of the factors that set

Nepal apart from the others with regards to matters of yoga teacher training.

Historical Connections

Perhaps the most significant factor that sets Nepal apart from the other top destinations is the historical connection it has with the sport of yoga. To put it differently, Nepal also has been practicing yoga from ancient time. Its southern province, Lumbini, is generally recognized as the cradle of Buddha and by extension, Buddhism and yoga.

This practice of yoga has as a matter of fact been embedded in the Nepali culture since time immemorial. By choosing to study here, you get to experience the activity first hand. In this way, you get to enjoy some competitive advantage over those who choose alternative destinations.

Breathtaking Scenery

Next is the breathtaking scenery that adorns much of Nepal. Many past travelers have described Nepal as a ‘resilient country, which attracts thousands of adventurous travelers.’ Indeed, the country is adorned with lush vegetation, breathtaking mountains, and smooth-rolling valleys. All these combine to give a cool environment for your practices.

Specifically, they help you to unwind after a heavy workout. The cool breeze that blows from the adjacent mountaintops is what principally brings about this relief. Then, the relatively cool evenings also come in to relieve the buildup of stress, which may arise as you work yourself.

Great Weather

On top of the serene environment, the wonderful nation of Nepal also enjoys great weather. It is neither too hot nor too cold. Though adjacent to the gigantic Himalayas Range, Nepal does not experience any snow strictly speaking. Such snow is only available at the peaks of the tall mountains.

By virtue of experiencing only mild weather, Nepal is for all practical purposes very conducive for Yoga workouts. It stands in sharp contrast with India, Indonesia, and Thailand due to their hot and humid weather conditions. Spare yourself the sweat by taking a journey to Nepal!

Properly-equipped Educational Institutions

Over the years, many entrepreneurs have cashed in on the wonderful opportunities presented by the sporting of Yoga. They have subsequently moved with haste to establish and nurture some of the globally renowned yoga teaching facilities. Nepal Yoga Institute and Retreat, Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal, Charak Yoga Studio, and Atmashree Yoga and Meditation Retreat are some examples of these.

These facilities comprise the latest equipment, teachers, and curriculum. They have consistently churned out well-knowledgeable and highly skilled yoga enthusiasts. You too stand to enjoy these and many more benefits indeed by placing your bet on the said institutions.

Affordable Costs

Of all the nations we have listed above, it is Nepal that commands the least cost of living. Prices of just about everything here is very low. The same goes for the actual costs of training. Your decision to undertake your training in Nepal is hence a clever way of cutting down the operational expenses.

Why would you want to pay more for the same or even higher quality of outcomes? Is it not in order to cut you some pressure and choose to train in Nepal? You will never live to regret any bit of your decision at all!

Robust Government Support

The government of Nepal has acknowledged the immense potential and contribution of yoga to the Nepalese economy. That is why it has also stepped in to provide some robust support. This it achieves through several means. For one, it has relaxed visa requirements for many countries.

For a large part, you will obtain your visa only after landing on the Nepalese soil. Then, it offers quite a number of incentives to the various players within the field of yoga. All these contribute towards bringing the actual costs of training lower than those of the competing nations.

Excellent Track Record

Many people who have attempted their yoga training in Nepal have appreciated every bit of their stay in the country. They have pointed out that the training they received from the Nepalese institutions has enriched their experiences so much. All these are captured in the positive reviews and testimonials.

By choosing to spend part of your time here, you too will be able to join the list of many people who have benefited from the resources presented by the nation. Take your time to read through their testimonials to see for yourself what you stand to gain from the country yourself.

You need no further convincing that Nepal indeed is the place to be for your yoga teacher training. A combination of affordable costs of living, topnotch learning institutions, historical connections, and serene environments jointly work hand in hand to make your experience all the more awesome. Why would you even hesitate to make up your mind?

Doing so is pretty simple. Simply get online and search the many resources, which are available on the internet. There, you will receive the insight you need to get started out well. In case you happen to get stuck do get back to us. We are always on standby and eager to assist precious readers of our posts like you.