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Yogic Life Style

1.  Food and Nutrition (Aahar)

            Food is major part of the life. Food provides essential energy for body and mind. Food has been divided into two parts.

Food should be taken (Eat) :

1. Seasonal leafy and green vegetables as fabric food.

2. Green salad.

3. Seasonal fruits and fresh juice.

4. Germinated seeds.

5. Fiber bare diet.

6. Natural and organic food.

7. Dry fruits.

8. Herbal tea and green tea.

9. Dairy product.

10. Drink sufficient water (approximately 3 liter water per day).

Food shouldn’t taken (Do not eat):

1. Junk food, artificial food.

2. Non-vegetable food.

3. Deep fried and spicy food.

4. Tea and Coffee.

5. Carbonated drinks.

6. Avoid Maida (White flours).

7. Take little quantity of salt and sugar.

8. Alcoholic beverage.

9. Smoking/chewing tobacco etc.

2. Activities do and do not (Bihar)

i. Head to paper program: Make plan and program of one’s daily life. Mention in diary, what about the followers are going to do today, this week, this month, and this year and long time also. Do not think frequently about activities. Decentralize it in the paper, by making routine works.

ii. Do not carry office work in the home and do not carry home  problem in the office.

iii. Be present and perform physically and mentally 100% for all the performance.

iv. Create leisure time or holiday for enjoy and re-charge of physical and mental health, it can be helpful by nature touch trekking/travelling in open and natural area.

3. Relaxation and enjoyment (Bishram)

Proper relaxation creates energy, it gives physical and mental freshness. Yogic relaxation techniques provide proper relax in the body and mind. After day work, Yogic relaxation can be done in the evening. Sithilikaran, Sabasan, Yoga Nidra are the major Yogic relaxation techniques. Only one or group practice can be done before meal, duration of time is 10 minutes for each practice.