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Yoga and Satkarma

Satkarma, are very important before practicing Yogasan. Satkarmas are Neti, Dhauti, Basti, Nauli, Tratak and Kapalbhaati. The practicing of these six elements fall under the category of Satkarma. The toxins matters which are collected in human body are very essential to exertion. After Satkarma, Yogic aasans become effective; it helps to make body flexible, which is better for the performing the Yoga Posture.

1. Neti:

Neti is a method of nasal cleaning. It cleans inside of nose and makes respiratory process easier. For the practice of respiration, both of the nostrils inhale and exhale the air separately and simultaneously too. So, both of the nostrils need to be opened.

2. Dhauti:

Dhauti cleans stomach. It is also called Kunjal Kriya. The process of Dhauti is performed by drinking salted lukewarm water and vomiting back. It helps to keep clean the stomach.

3. Basti:

It is called Enema. It is a method of cleaning large intestine. Collection of toxins matter makes constipation and its effects appear physically and mentally too. In ancient time, it was called Basti Kriya and now it is famously known as Enema. Mainly, its work is to release constipation which is very harmful for mental concentration.

4. Nauli:

Nauli Kirya is an exercise of abdomen. It is complete exercise; it helps to exercise stomach, liver, pancreas, small intestine, large intestine and others. It helps to maintain the inner organs healthy.

5. Tratak:

Tratak is a kind of exercise of eye. In this method candle lamp is used. By sitting in the posture of Sukhasan comfortably one can easily see the candle, which is kept in the parallel height of the eyes of the practitioner and the distance of four feet. After seeing for few seconds or minutes, eyes provide tears, it helps to make concentration, makes mind calm and quiet and reduces stress.

6. Kapalbhati:

Kapalbhati is a Kind of Pranayam, it is related to respiration. This method is practiced by inhaling and exhaling the air. It helps to keep mind calm and quite. It is effective to reduce over thinking and makes concentration.